"We are very thankful for the great service you guy's provided (Mort's Water Company & Mort's Plumbing & Heating). If we ever need anything done we just call you and you get the job done. I travel a lot, so it's great to know that you guys will take care of it and I don't have to worry. I will write a testimonial for you guy's any day!"

Jake Johnson Clarion, IA

"In the entire construction process, Mort's was the best sub-contractor I worked with, thank you. Recently we started construction on a commercial sized building, and were looking for quality sub-contractors to meet our plumbing needs. Our criteria was not how little the cost, but how great the service rendered. We chose Mort's on a reference from a third party, and are extremely satisfied with the service they provided as they accommodated our demanding construction schedule. After that experience, they will be my first call and preferred plumbing and heating company for any future needs that we have. Thank you to Mort's for the outstanding service. "

Joe Sweeney, Buckeye Fish Company